Os Faroles

“Os Faroles will be a sustainable, food and energy independent tourism village. It will offer a wide range of accommodation, activities and opportunities to connect with nature and with ourselves.”

Our Vision for Os Faroles

Our vision for Os Farles is built on two main stages. The first stage, most of which we have already accomplished, was to renovate and renew the existing property facilities, the restaurant and the hotel, and thus advance the main economic engine of the business. Indeed, through the winter months of 2022-23, we worked around the clock to make extensive renovations throughout the facilities. Since then, we have continued to constantly improve the hotel and restaurant systems, from introducing a new menu, to refurbishing the rooms, improving the aesthetics of the bar and restaurant, elevating the service, etc.

The second step is the real reason why we bought this property: the greater vision. In the future, we plan to transform Os Faroles into a unique and diverse site attracting guests from near and far, a welcoming refuge of peace, eco-friendly practices and tranquility, a warm home for all. We plan to offer a wide range of accommodation solutions, as well as a wide range of activities. The restaurant will rely on produce from our own ecological garden, and it will know how to offer high-quality vegetarian and vegan food, in addition to our quality meat dishes and local seafood dishes. We will commit ourselves, in all we do, to a responsible and balanced use of the land and natural resources around us. 

The various hospitality options we intend on having at Os Faroles will include a caravan parking lot (with sea view!), inexpensive dorms rooms (for the Camino hikers, and others who desire low budget accommodation), basic double rooms, improved rooms with a small living room and a workplace, as well as a family suite with several rooms and its own kitchen. Everyone will be able to enjoy a comfortable restaurant lobby, and other hotel facilities including a quiet living room with a large TV, as well as a communal work space for the digital nomads, where there will be comfortable seating, a coffee machine and a direct view of the sea.

In the hotel and around it you will find in the future a wide range of fruit trees, animals (chickens, horses and more), a large vegetable garden, wide grassy areas and plenty of outside seating. At the far end of our property we intend on erecting  a large and modular workshop space, a yort, that will be a perfect venue for various types of activities. The place will host a range of retreats including yoga, meditation and mindfulness, surfing groups, writing and poetry workshops, and many more. These groups will enjoy a variety of spaces for their workshops, quality food at the restaurant and a comfortable hotel accommodation. The Os Faroles village will offer affordable deals to digital nomads  so that they can stay at the hotel for longer periods, enjoying the beauty of the place and a comfortable and tailored work environment.

In the future the Os Faroles village will hold weekly and monthly events and parties, local artists market, performances, private events such as weddings and parties. We intend also to host  artist events and offer working studios in the various spaces. The village will offer bicycle rentals, guided day trips, horse tours, and more. Once a year Os Faroles will hold an end-of-the-summer electronic music festival.

Os Farles will develop and be built with great attention to the reality of climate change. Our location is optimal, as we are located at a relatively high northern latitude on the globe, with a high annual rainfall. Our proximity to the ocean helps maintain a balanced temperature throughout the year – it is not too cold in winter and the summer here is very pleasant. However, we know that we will eventually feel the changing climate and its broader effects here too. Therefore, we will work on all possible levels to tailor ourselves to the new world. Os Faroles in the future will be independent in terms of energy, food and water, with the help of solar electrical systems, large vegetable gardens and direct water connection to groundwater.

In the challenging world in which we all live, we see Os Faroles as an offering of peace and refuge, human connections and love of nature, to all and any who desire it. Come visit; we are waiting for you!