Os Faroles

History of Os Faroles

History of Os Faroles

Joseph Ben Pernas and Josepha Ladra García

In 1980, when they were in their early 20s, Joseph Ben Pernas and Josepha Ladra Garcia first established Os Faroles (galician dialect for The LIghthouses) it was then a small restaurant (with only 4-5 tables) that served several local dishes to the residents of the area. From its inception, Os Faroles was a warm family business that attracted visitors from near and far, all wanting  to taste Josepha’s chipirons (squid) and calmari dishes, and Joseph’s delicious churrasco (grilled pork steak). In 1990, the business expanded into a larger restaurant, and also developed into an intimate 10-room hotel. As the only restaurant and hotel in the pueblo of Xuances and the only one overlooking the valley of the Esteiro beach, Os Faroles has been a bustling place for the 43 years of its management by Joseph and Josefa. Here they also raised their family of 2 daughters and 3 sweet grandchildren. As Joseph and Josepha  got older, and realising that the family members did not want to inherit the business, the couple wanted to find the next owner of the property, so they could pass it on to the younger generation, and retire. For several years, the business was less active, in anticipation of a sale; then, Ariel and Tomer came to the area by chance.
Historia de Os Faroles Joseph Ben Pernas y Josepha Ladra con Ariel y Tomer
Os Faroles bar resturante
Hostel y Resturante Os Faroles historia

History of Os Faroles

The first time Ariel and Tomer walked in the front door of Os Faroles, in March of 2022, they realised they had entered their new home and an adventure of a lifetime.

From the start they understood that this was a unique and very special place. Joseph and Josepha were warm and welcoming, even though Ariel and Tomer did not speak a single word of Spanish – and of course Joseph and Josepha did not speak a single word of English or Hebrew. You could say it was a love story from the first meeting. After an additional visit to Os Faroles and a few months of consideration, Ariel and Tomer made the move to Galicia.

For the first six months, they lived in the hotel, learned Spanish and helped the elderly Joseph and Josepha with the hotel tasks. They peeled potatoes, washed dishes, cleaned rooms and, in between, they also got to know the stunning area that surrounds the hotel, as well as the friendly neighbours and regular customers of Os Faroles.

They wanted to learn the business up close, every aspect of it and from the ground up. In the process they built a detailed business plan, consulted with professionals, found financial solutions, built a vision and a staff, and began to imagine how they want this place to look in the future.

In the summer of 2022, Ariel and Tomer helped the elderly couple run their business through what would be their last season. The elders were very excited to bequeath the place to these two young men, the next generation. During those months of intense work together, Joseph and Josepha brought Ariel and Tomer into their family, and became their Spanish grandparents. In light of the understanding of the special heritage of the place, Ariel and Tomer decided to preserve its original name and also keep Joseph and Josepha flagship dishes on the menu. To this day, Joseph and Josepha come to visit and are privileged to be Honorary guests at the hotel.


In the fall of 2022, Ariel and Tomer managed to complete the purchase of Os Faroles and their immigration process to Spain. Os Faroles then closed its doors for an extensive renovation period. It was the first time the business closed in its 43 years of operation. For about 6 months, Ariel and Tomer worked non-stop on a complete renovation of the restaurant and hotel. With the help of dozens of friends, family members and volunteers from all over the world, the place underwent a total facelift. Since all the work was done by our own hands, without external contractors, the work days were intense and very challenging, but also satisfying and exciting at levels that are hard to describe. We had envisioned how this old-fashioned venue had extraordinary potential to be a young, attractive and cozy place. It was wondrous to see that vision become a reality before our eyes, in just a few short months.

In April 2023, exactly one year after Tomer and Ariel’s first visit to the hotel, the grand opening party took place. The event included the unveiling of the new design of the restaurant and bar, as well as the release of the new menu of Os Faroles. The whole area came to see and join in our excitement, as did the mayor of Xove who came to congratulate the new owners and of course Joseph and Josepha and all their family and friends. From that day, Os Faroles has been a lively and welcoming place, with excellent food, warm and kind service, and comfortable rooms for overnight visitors.